Episode 1 Featuring Francina Harrison of The Career Engineer

Today’s episode is the inaugural Tech Tuesday Talk hosted by Premier Virtual Marketing Director, John Garcia.  This podcast is dedicated to discovering the tools and technology that help professionals in the world of staffing and recruiting.

Today’s guest is Francina Harrison, MSW, the mastermind behind The Career Engineer, a company dedicated to helping job seekers find gainful and purposeful employment.  Francina’s motto is ‘Don’t Get Anxious – Get Prepared’!  Francina is also a published writer and sought after speaker, who is often interviewed on national news networks to give her unique perspective of the labor force.

In today’s episode we discuss the virtual career world from a job-seekers perspective and the unique challenges they face in an ever-changing workforce.  Francina shares her vast experience coaching both jobseekers and employers and gives us great advice on how to get the best possible job search and hiring results for both.

You can reach Francina at www.tcenow.com

Episode 2 Featuring Mike Panus, motivational speaker and author of Live With Honor.

We like to talk about how our platform has powered 2,500 virtual job fairs, and how that has resulted in connecting 25,000 employers to over 250,00 job seekers. While we know that those connections have changed lives along the way, this is the first time we get to hear from one.


In this episode, we’re talking to a gentleman who found a job through the platform while attending a United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce Virtual Job Fair, organized by Colonel Larry Miller; but this is not just any person. Our guest today is Mike Janus, who has an amazing testimony. Mike had a tragic accident his senior year in high school after making a bad decision. Instead of living defeated, he has been able to transform his life, and is now an accomplished speaker and author that is transforming the lives of countless young people all across America.


Mike is also a veteran and as a veteran-owned company, we take extra pride in learning how our platform is helping veterans reconnect as civilians and join the job force. To learn more about Mike, and how to get a copy of his book, please visit www.MikePanus.com

Episode 3 – The Future of Hiring & the Workforce

The Future of Hiring & the Workforce

Businesses across the country are feeling the pain from employee shortages, while job seekers are challenged with limited opportunities. Join us and our expert panelists for an in-depth discussion about how to overcome these obstacles and get tips to land your dream job and dream candidates. We’ll discuss:

• The current labor shortage and what it means for you, your business, and job search

• Labor shift

• Wages & Unemployment

• Using Tech to reach a larger talent pool

• Benefits of Diversification, including older candidates

• Positioning your company for a remote workforce

Host and Moderator:

Steve Edwards – CEO and Founder of Premier Virtual a virtual hiring event software platform with over 2,500 virtual hiring events powered by the platform. https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenedwards23/

Special Guests:

Jayson Waller – Founding CEO – POWERHOME SOLAR | Host of Apple Top 3 Entrepreneur Podcast “True Underdog” | Author | Hired 1000+ employees since COVID

Cathy Heckl – Futurist |Thinkers50 Radar| 2x Linkedin Top Tech Voice | Speaker AR VR Spatial Computing NFTs | Metaverse Visionary | Author | Forbes Contributor

Episode 4 – Re-entering the workforce or changing careers, why now is the right time!

Special Guests:

Francina Harrison, MSW The Career Engineer ‘Don’t Get Anxious, Get Prepared’

Works with job seekers to help them get prepared for their next career move. www.tcenow.com

Sara Page – Business & Employment Specialist, Certified Business Engagement Professional at Golden Sierra Job Training Agency.  Helps employers connect with job-seekers and recommends new strategies for successful hires.

In this episode, we explore the dynamics behind today’s labor shortage and what employers are doing about it.  From creative benefits to building an engaging workforce culture, to higher pay and other incentives, employers realize it takes more than a paycheck to keep quality employees on staff.

On the job-seeker side we talk about gaps in employment, way to retool and pivot, and why it makes so much sense to re-enter the workforce or look to make your career change now.

This episode is full of value gems for both sides of the employment aisle, and offers insightful ways to help bridge the current labor gap. 

Episode 5 – Creating A Killer Corporate Culture & Growth Mindset

Sometimes staying at the top is harder than getting there! 

We’ve all seen companies go from Start-up to success, but how often have they been able to sustain that momentum, and what does it take to do so?

The panelists in this live ‘Tech Tuesday’ webinar will discuss those themes to show you why and how a killer corporate culture and growth mindset are the keys to sustaining that success.

Join, Premier Virtual Founder and CEO, Steve Edwards as he leads an all-star group of panelists in a round-table Q&A. In addition to the topics below, we’ll also be taking questions from the audience in attendance.

Our panelists :

Joy McAdams – Entrepreneur • Ironman • Online Influencer 

Barry Gottlieb – Entrepreneur • 4x Author • Corporate Coach

Kristin Gallup – Marketing Manager, UPG/Johnson Controls • Women in HVAC


  • What is corporate culture?
  • How does culture influence brand?
  • How to identify and build culture
  • What drives it forward, and what can kill it? 
  • What role does tech have in building culutre? 
  • How to embrace a growth mindset
  • How to measure growth and impact on culture
  • How and when to pivot or persevere

Premier Virtual Steve Edwards and Gen Z Planet Hana Ben-Shabat

Steve Edwards is the founder and CEO of Premier Virtual which specializes in virtual career fairs. With their extremely easy user interface, hosts can have their event set up within minutes and ready to go live within 24 hours of selecting the date and time. Premier Virtual has perfected the virtual career fair by providing employers with completely customizable “booths” with employer “Interactive Hiring Room” that allows the employer to text chat and use the internal video chat to invite the candidate to a live “real time” interview. Jobseeker chat function allows them to send/receive messages from any booth in the event. So if you miss them initially, they can still respond even if they have already left your booth. Employers can respond to jobseeker’s questions, or initiate the chat themselves from the Employer Hiring Room. Back-end functionality allows the ability to follow up with jobseekers after the event. “After 9 years managing in person hiring events, I saw the need for a virtual option. When I started building Premier Virtual, everyone thought I was crazy. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption curve and now everyone needs a solution like this. Even after COVID-19, hybrid events with in-person and virtual options will offer the best opportunity to succeed.” Their platform has helped nearly 20,000 employers connect with over 200,000 registered job seekers.

Premier Virtual’s Founder & CEO, Steven Edwards

Premier Virtual’s Founder & CEO, Steven Edwards,  joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. He shares his major inspiration is working hard for both his family and his team, which translates to helping others.