What Are the Differences and Options Between Virtual Hiring Events Platforms?

April 26, 2021

2020 showed us how powerful online connectivity can be. Entire businesses switched from in-person to virtual work environments.

What surprised them was their continued level of productivity.
The same switch is happening with the recruitment process. Conferences, events, job fairs, and more are switching to virtual hiring events platforms. They’re discovering it’s an easy and effective way to keep people connected.
Are you looking for an easy way to manage your hiring events in a digital setting? Check out these unique features of some of the best virtual hiring events platforms available today!

What Are Virtual Hiring Events?

Virtual hiring events are ways for businesses to connect with candidates online through customized/branded booths over video call and chat. Virtual hiring event platforms include all the necessary features and tools you’d expect. This makes connecting candidates to employers an easy and fun experience. This software comes with most of the tools you’d find on platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. The difference is that virtual hiring event platforms are more robust. They offer a wider selection of powerful features to improve the recruiting process.
These helpful features include video messaging, marketing tools, recruiting chatbots, and much more. The goal of these features is to make the virtual hiring event as smooth, easy, and effective as possible. Businesses and recruiters can use virtual hiring events anywhere along the recruiting funnel. Some will use virtual hiring events as their first contact to meet with potential candidates. Others may choose to use it during the interviewing phase to meet with a few selected candidates that best fit their position.
Organizations have the ability to customize virtual hiring event platforms to fit their unique needs. Here’s a look at a few popular options designed to make virtual hiring events as easy and engaging as possible.

Premier Virtual

This virtual career fair platform mirrors the experience of an in-person event. Each event is simple to set up and take a few hours to plan and market. The easy set-up and simple to navigate user-friendly interface, makes it easy to train your team and communicate with candidates. Premier Virtual has a unique feature calle the Employer “Interactive Hiring Room” allowing you to text chat and use the internal video chat to invite the candidate to a live “real time” interview. Premier Virtual has had over 13,000 employers use their platform and have experienced zero down time. They also have no wait time between events.
Their platform allows host organizers or talent acquisition teams to host single events, or design a strategy around remote hiring events throughout the year. Their platform is great for organizations who want to host these types of events and want key features like 1:1 video chat, text chat with pre-canned responses to maximize efficiency.


Brazen consists of many thought-out features that make finding the right booth and setting easy for job seekers. Job seekers and recruiters can interact with one another through video and chat. The businesses and recruiter-side of the platform include options to talk and engage with many job seekers at once. Recruiters can automate different aspects of their platform during the event. This makes engaging with many job seekers fast and easy. The Brazen platform makes vetting and meeting the right potential candidates possible online.


XOR offers a virtual hiring event platform integrated with smart AI features. The AI helps capture candidate data during the event and shares that information with recruiters.
For hiring event hosts, the platform allows for the creation of an unlimited number of booths and floors. The layout guides job seekers to the right locations, recruiters, and job opportunities.
During the hiring event, recruiters can use bots to automate the candidate screening process. The bots will screen and score potential candidates. This helps recruiters spend more time chatting live with candidates who fit their needs and job requirements If the initial meetings go well, recruiters and job seekers can schedule interviews directly within the XOR platform.


Recruiters and job seekers love attending virtual hiring events that are quick to set up and easy to work. Paradox also harnesses the power of AI. Companies can create, market, and run their hiring events quickly and efficiently. Paradox features a chatbot that automates the registration process as well as sends out reminders. During the event, the chatbot can assist with coordinating events and chats. The chatbot will screen and answer candidate questions before they speak with the recruiter. A major benefit is Paradox doesn’t limit the number of users or seats, making it a great solution for companies planning large-scale events.


Have specific needs or requests for your hiring event? Hopin is a platform that gives users greater control over how to customize their virtual hiring event. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it possible to connect recruiters and candidates. Recruiters have the ability to craft registration pages and market upcoming virtual career fairs.
Both recruiters and job seekers can easily enter the event without having to download any software. Recruiters can engage with job seekers in groups or one-on-one sessions.
Recruiters can add pre-recorded videos, host Q&A sessions, and screen-share with candidates. There’s a feature for recruiters to meet with candidates in a speed-dating format.
The possibilities are nearly endless. This platform can meet the needs of your organization, along with the recruiter and candidates’ needs.
Hopin is an incredibly flexible software that works for both large and small hiring events. Companies in the arts, gaming, and news media industries have enjoyed using this platform.


vFAIRS offers many user-friendly and automated features as most of the platforms on this list. What makes them stand out is their attention to design and detail. vFAIRS virtual hiring event platform includes 3D virtual graphics. These include lobbies and animated features to enrich the user experience. The virtual design and layout mimic the look and feel of a real, in-person event. Hiring companies and recruiters can customize environments. This includes the booths, and their avatars to improve engagement and promote inclusivity. vFAIR backs all of its virtual platforms with customer support. Your organization can receive immediate help with any issues or questions you might have before, during, or after the event.
Find the Right Virtual Hiring Platform Today
There are so many virtual event management options available today. Finding the right one for your organization can be overwhelming. Learning the key features of top-rated virtual hiring event platforms will help you find the right option to fit your event needs.
Have questions or want to learn more? Let us know! We have the resources to help you find the right virtual platforms for your organization’s needs.

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