What Are the Benefits of Virtual Hiring Events?

April 26, 2021

If you are having a hard time hiring new employees during corona times, it might be because you are focusing entirely on the lack of in-person hiring events.

Due to stringent rules in every country for multiple-person gatherings, you cannot hold in-person hiring events for the foreseeable future. This means that it’s time for virtual hiring events to take their place in the spotlight. 

Haven’t heard of or used virtual hiring events before? You are missing out. Read on to see some benefits of virtual hiring platforms, so you can stay on track with your business goals. 


In-person hiring events need several different costs that you are aware of, including venue rental, refreshments, travel, and more.

More than that, they take weeks or even months to set up. This takes up the time and energy of your precious employees, and that ups the cost even more.

With virtual hiring events, you are going to reduce your costs drastically (even though it won’t be down to zero, as many imagine), because you can cut out travel and venue-related costs. You won’t need refreshments either.

You also need fewer staff members manning the virtual hiring event, which means that your business can still keep running onwards, while some of your employees take care of the hiring aspect of things. 

Have a Higher Attendance

When it comes to in-person hiring events, the attendance rate can vary widely depending on the location of the event, the day the event is held, and even what the weather is like on the day of the event. 

Have a snow day on your hiring event day? Forget about getting the attendance that you want. Most people would rather stay at home than trudge through the snow to get to your in-person hiring event. 

That’s where virtual hiring events are absolutely fabulous. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, or what day it is, or what time. No one has any excuse not to attend anymore.

They are already home – what else are they going to do? Right?

You can also target your virtual job fairs to specific candidate profiles with virtual hiring platforms, which means that you end up with a group of candidates that’s aligned exactly with what your company needs. 

More Efficient

Through virtual hiring events, you reach highly qualified candidates. This way you can spend your precious time speaking to candidates that are more likely to move through the hiring process, rather than unsuitable ones. 

You can also spend your time more efficiently during hiring events, as you can set particular start and end times for each interview, and zoom through them one-by-one.

You also engage with more candidates in the same or shorter period of time as you would during in-person hiring events.

Effective Way of Reaching the New Generation

Only 12% of millennials are on LinkedIn. It’s not as popular with the newer generation as it is with the older ones. So how are you supposed to get at the newer generation?

One of the things that the newer generation does understand and do well is technology. It’s a great idea to use virtual hiring events to reach out to the new generation and recruit them for your company. 

The younger generations have grown up with technology – they are immersed in it, living and breathing it day in and day out.

That’s why virtual hiring platforms are a great way to show them that you are in sync with them and their techie ways. 

Improves Candidate Engagement and Experience

With in-person hiring events, you cannot control every aspect of the candidate’s experience. Were they offered tea or coffee when they arrived for the interview? How was their drive into the office? What was parking like?

Some things are beyond your sphere of control. But with virtual hiring events, you can control absolutely everything about the candidate experience, and ensure that their engagement levels are high. 

This is especially true if the hiring platform is easy to use, and engages the user to keep going on to the next steps. 

The Two Cons of Virtual Hiring Events

There are a couple of cons to be cognizant of when setting up virtual hiring events. 

  • Some candidates might not be comfortable with technology
  • You might need time to get used to gauge a candidate virtually – it’s easier to feel someone out when face-to-face with them

But these are small prices to pay when considering all the positives related to virtual hiring events. Let’s look at some virtual hiring platforms below.


Brazen has been building virtual event software since 2012, and it’s a complete self-serve platform, meaning you have total control over it. Hundreds of events are held on the Brazen platform weekly without a hitch.


With Xor, you can create unlimited booths and floors as if you were at a real live in-person hiring event. Not only that, you can get a lot more engagement and attendance with email, text messaging, and ad campaigns.


You can create your virtual event in minutes through Paradox and ask your candidates questions through text or chat. Once you believe you have a qualified candidate at hand, you can go over to video and interview them.


Wished you could analyze the data from your virtual hiring event? Hopin allows you to do exactly that. You can create many interactive areas, so your candidates can move in and out of rooms like in a regular hiring event.


Worried about your brand identity and culture showing through at these virtual hiring events? With vFairs, you can customize your booths to showcase what you wish. You can also host employer webinars. 

Virtual Hiring Events Are the Way of the Future

In case you missed it, virtual hiring events are the primary way employers will engage with potential employees in the future. Scientists say that pandemics are going to become more common as time goes on.

This means that we all need to prepare for a world where virtual hiring events are the norm, rather than the exception. Are you prepared for that eventuality? 

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