Why Recruiters Love Using Virtual Hiring Events for Healthcare Hiring

April 26, 2021

Are you wondering why virtual hiring events become great resources for healthcare hiring?

When you want to hire for your medical care industry, you need to source your candidates from multiple different platforms. Over the past few decades, increasing numbers of people have turned to the internet to find new positions. This has led many businesses to migrate their employee acquisition process onto the web.

Many job fairs also moved onto online platforms. But what are some of the benefits of healthcare companies looking for new talent at a virtual career fair?

Below, we’ll go into why you should consider online job events for your healthcare recruitment needs.

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Meet Potential Hires

A virtual career fair gives you a unique opportunity to meet your potential hires before your official interview. 

Otherwise, you have to discern who might work well for your company by parsing through resumes and cover letters. This doesn’t give you a full picture of a candidate’s personality. You won’t get the chance to get to know them until the interview, which can take weeks or months to get to. In the meantime, you might pass up candidates who might serve your company well.

Meeting someone in real life helps you get a picture of your potential candidate before you see a resume. Attending virtual career fairs gives you human-to-human contact with people who might apply to your job postings. There, you can better ascertain their personalities. If you like someone and believe they would serve as a good fit, encourage them to apply!

Get Access to Top Talent

The people who attend a virtual career fair might differ from the people who see your job postings. This means you might miss out on the best candidates for your job.

Many top talent individuals choose to attend career fairs every year. When you and your company attend, then, you can expect to meet qualified individuals who might become interested in working for you.

It also gives you a chance to ask them questions about their training and identify whether they have the proper qualifications to work for you. 

Recruit from Top Colleges and Universities

Do you want your talent to come from great training programs?

Colleges and universities have a vested interest in getting their students into excellent employment opportunities. This boosts their reputation as great academic institutions that give degrees that earn profitable careers. Often, they either know of campus career fairs or host their own.

So, you should ask colleges and universities in your area if they have career fairs you can attend. This allows recent graduates from their programs to learn about your organization. You also have the chance to meet potential workers who come from great programs.

This serves you well when you have entry-level positions open.

It Furthers Your Visibility

Even as a healthcare company, you need to concern yourself with your brand visibility. Without people knowing your clinic or company exists, you won’t get new business. 

So, when you go to virtual career fairs, you should put your effort into creating a great online presence at these fairs. This includes knowing how you will interact with people at the fair and preparing the proper materials for it.

You should also have your pitch ready. Remember, when you go to job fairs, you want to sell your company to your potential talent. Unless you get people excited about working for you, you might not get many applicants.

It Decreases Your Cost Per Lead

Healthcare hiring recruiters want to decrease their cost per lead and still find excellent candidates for their open positions. When you post job positions online, you might feel compelled to pay to get your jobs more noticed. Otherwise, they might not attract the right people.

This can end up costing you quite a bit of money. Posting sponsored posts on Indeed also gets you a post on Glassdoor. Yet, it costs you each time someone clicks on your sponsored job posting. If you use external recruiting teams, you might pay as much as $20,000 per new hire. 

Attending a job fair helps you find new candidates without uncontrollable fees. You only need to pay whatever the fair requires. Then, you get access to all of its attendees. This saves you money and gets you great candidates!

Ask Your Questions of Potential Candidates

Do you need to know specific information from your potential candidates? If so, form some questions to ask them at the career fair. 

In specific, you may want to ask them about their education and career goals. This shows you what trajectory they have put themselves on. It might illuminate how you would fit into their personal plans and highlight the fit in between their goals and your company. 

You should also allow candidates the opportunity to ask questions about your company. Make sure everyone representing you at the fair knows how to present the company well and can state its key objectives. 

Save on Booth Expenses

When you go to an in-person job fair, you need to spend money on materials for your booth. At these events, in-person presentation communicates professionalism and can attract people to you.

At virtual fairs, you don’t need to spend money on many of the materials you’ll use. Instead, you can use the fair’s online platform to meet potential hires. 

Get More from Your Healthcare Hiring with Virtual Job Fairs

Healthcare hiring recruiters should attend virtual job fairs if they want to fill their positions with the best possible candidates. 

But how do you know which job fairs you should attend? Here at My Virtual Community, we connect employers with virtual job and career platforms. To take advantage of all of the benefits of a virtual career fair, explore our website further today!

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